One-to-One Feedback

100% of people who filled out a feedback form said that they ‘strongly agreed’ that they would recommend the service to friends and family.
100% of people who filled out a feedback form said that they ‘strongly agreed’ that they felt empowered to support their own health and wellbeing.
100% of people who filled out a feedback form said that they ‘strongly agreed’ that they worked together with the professional and was involved in all decision making.
I think the service is bloody brilliant.
- David, 70
As an ex Falklands war veteran suffering with PTSD I struggled with where I was living. Spot wellbeing gave me hope and with their intervention in helping me achieve a higher banding and I am now looking to move into a better property more suited to my needs and health.
- Steve
I feel that John has supported me and given me confidence to go out for walks which is something I had loved doing but my illness prevented. John always allows me enough time to express my mental health issues and listens to me carefully and reassures me positively. My goal was to feel more confident, manage my mental health, be happier and improve my sleep.
Lynn has helped me to overcome chronic back pain. I particularly appreciated seeing the same person.
Working with Holly gave me the confidence to go back outside. She took me to the opticians, we went out for walks and chatted. I have continued short walks and can do my shopping independently.
This is one life you have saved, though you might not know it.
Spot is a lifeline to me.
I have no issues with Spot Wellbeing. Upfront, from the start. I don’t think I have taken a backward turn – I am going forwards all the time. It’s not ticking boxes, spot is about working together, building up a trust between your spot wellbeing support worker and the client, service user, whatever you want to call them, I prefer client. I don’t want to be a service user. Spot is personal, it is not ticking boxes and I will never be a box ticker.
We have a client and support worker relationship, we bounce off each other, that’s never happened before. We have known each other 4 months. I had one issue, [Holly brought up healthy eating] I knew it had to be addressed. Let’s put it this way, when you brought the box of fruit and vegetables, after you went I thought ‘ah bless’ and I thought ‘you’re trying to tell me something’, and it got me thinking. I jogged me to do something.
I have a support system now.

Group Feedback

Spot are transparent too, transparency is really important with your support worker.
Very professional but fun.
Very beneficial exercises with good explanations of why to do them.
Lynn, Holly and John were so lovely and supportive. I felt very comfortable at all times. It was really nice to also have the ability to talk about and get specific advice on issues rather than go to the GP.
I enjoyed the exercise – handout was helpful to jog my memory when doing exercises at home.
I now take exercise when time allows and am trying very hard to take more time for myself. The breathing exercises and being used to relax before getting to sleep.
All the staff were empathetic with my situation and were very kind and supportive and I would like to thank them for that.
Very professionally run but also relaxed and friendly.
Exercises were very useful as they targeted important muscles to maintain independence.
I can tie my shoelaces again and do exercises at home regularly.
Best thing I decided to do.